228 Memorial Peace Park

228 Memorial Peace Park is the one of the oldest park in central Taipei. Because it was developed later than Shihlin’s Yuanshan Park, it is commonly called the “New Park”. During the period of Japanese occupation, this was the government exhibition ground, and all kinds of political gatherings were held here. Relics from buildings torn down by the Japanese governement were also brought here, so in the park we can admire antique cannons, old locomotives, stone tablets, memorial arches and other items.

If you get here early enough, not long after sunrise, you’ll see peddlers setting up their temporary sites; on sale will be everything from aromatic herbs to cheap shoes, mysterious ointments to fragrant tea. A stream of people head into the park to practice their taiji, or do other exercises, before starting for work or school.

  • Location: 46 Kuanchien Road, Taipei
  • Date built: 1907
  • How to get there:
    • MRT A short walk from NTU Hospital station. (Hsintien Line)