Alishan – Hualien – Kenting

The Alishan Forest Railway system is one of only three steep-gradient alpine railways in the world. Climbing from 30 metres above sea level to 2216 metres, the railway passes through a cross section of climates and terrain types while navigating 49 tunnels and 77 bridges. During the journey passengers can see the scenic wonders of the forest and visit the Sea of Clouds, Sister Pond and Three Generation Sacred Tree.

Taroko Gorge is known for its sheer marble cliffs, deep gorges, winding tunnels and the Liwu River that flows through the craggy landscape. During this tour passengers explore the gorge and see the beautiful northeast coast. Visits are also made to the Kuan Fu Sugar Refinery and the Tsao Fong Pin Lin Farm (fruit gardens). There’s an option to enjoy an Aboriginal dance performance.

Experience the majesty of the East Coast on this delightful tour which includes the wind blown natural rock sculptures and sea sculptured coral reefs of the eastern shores of Taiwan. Passengers also have the opportunity to see the many sights of the southern tip of Taiwan as they will also visit the splendour of Kenting National Park.