The section of Alishan (Ali Mountains) that most people are familiar with is the Alishan Forest Recreation Area. Legend has it that over 250 years ago, a chief of the Tsou Tribe called Abali brought his people here after discovering these rich hunting grounds. The region was named Alishan after him. Alishan, in fact, encompasses 18 mountains and is a branch of the Yushan Mountain Range. The New Central Cross-Island Highway now links Alishan with the Yushan Scenic Area. The five wonders of Alishan are the sunrise, the sea of clouds, sunset, its forests and the alpine railway. In addition; there is also the culture of the Tsou aborigines which makes a tour of Alishan even more interesting.

  • Admission to the Alishan Forest Recreation Area: Adults NT $200; Children NT$100 Parking: Vehicles NT $100, motorbikes NT $20 Customer Service Line: (05) 267-9917.
  • Transportation:
    • Air: The fastest and most comfortable way to get to Alishan is to fly to ChiaYi and then take a bus from there to AliShan. Regular flights to ChiaYi are offered by
      1. Far Eastern Air Transport Corp. (Tel: (02) 2545-3351)
      2. Great Chian Airlines (Tel: (02) 2356-8000)
      3. TransAsia airways (Tel: 080-066880). Ticket prices are approx. NT$1,300 for economy class and NT$2,000 for Business class.
    • Taiwan Motor Transport Co:
      1. Taipei-Alishan: there are no direct buses from Taipei to Alishan. But you can take a bus to Chiai (about every 40 min) and then a direct bus from Chiai to Alishan. For more information call: (02) 2331-9862. (Taipei West Station)
      2. Taichung-Alishan: Departs Taichung Saturday night at 10:30 p.m. and Alishan Sunday at 10:00 am. Travel time: 4 hours. Price for a return ticket: NT$530. For more information and reservations call: (04) 220-3837 (Taichung South Station)
      3. Kaohsiung-Alishan: Departs Kaohsiung Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8:10 a.m. and Alishan Saturday and Sunday afternoons at 1:45pm. Travel time is about 4 ? hours. Price for tickets: NT$285 (return NT$510). For more information, call: (07) 235-8352 (Kaohsiung East Station).
    • Alishan Forest Railway: Chiai-Alishan: departs Chiai at 1:30 pm and Alishan at 1:20 pm. Travel time is approximately 3 hours and 20 min. Price NT$399 for adults, one-way (return NT$680; NT$200 for children. For further information, call: (05) 276-8094)
    • Taxis in Chiai: Taxi fares within Chiai City are between NT$100 and NT$120 (negotiation is advisable.)