Alishan – Hualien – Kenting

The Alishan Forest Railway system is one of only three steep-gradient alpine railways in the world. Climbing from 30 metres above sea level to 2216 metres, the railway passes through a cross section of climates and terrain types while navigating 49 tunnels and 77 bridges. During the journey passengers can see the scenic wonders of … Read more


The town of Hsinchu, now famous for its Science-based Industrial Park, was first developed in 1723. It was first called Hsinchu in 1875, and was upgraded to a provincial city in 1982. The Hsinchu administrative district include Siangshan and covers an area of about 104 square kilometers. It has gained considerable prosperity and an international … Read more

New Taipei

The life of any region arises out of its historical past, its remembrance of culture, and its hold on the future. The New Taipei government has established museums of tea culture, pottery and ceramics, and other sites to help preserve the memory of the common history and culture. New Taipei is rich in cultural resources. … Read more

Taoyuan County

The narrow-shaped Taoyuan County is a plateau lies in the northwestern part of Taiwan Main Island, with Taipei and Ilan counties adjacent to it. ” Zhibali” was the first name ever placed onto this area, while afterward it was replaced by” Taoyuan”(Peach Garden) for the peach trees in full blossom used to be a major … Read more


The old mining town of Chiufen is a place where you can really experience Taiwanese historical legacy. It was the site of one of Asia’s largest gold rushes. In the town’s heyday, it was honoured with such titles as the “gold capital of Asia.” and “Little Shanghai.” A lot has changed since those high times. … Read more


The historic city of Keelung has the largest harbour in northern Taiwan. It is surrounded on three sides by mountains, with the fourth side opening to the sea. Only a short drive north of Taipei, Keelung offers a number of interesting for tourists. Tourist Attractions: MiauKou (Temple Front) Snack Street ShianDung Cave JungJeng Park HaiMen … Read more

Yilan County

The city of Yilan is located in the central, and most favored part, of the Lanyang Plain. Streams and rivers provide a constant source of replenishment for the nutrients in the soil here, making Yilan a breadbasket county. The cultural, educational, and administrative heart of the Lanyang Plain is Yilan City, which is also a … Read more

Miaoli County

The main attraction in Miaoli is Shihtoushan, or Lion’s Head Mountain. This isn’t one of the oldest temples on the island, but it is said to be very nice, and an interesting place to spend some restful days and nights. There are actually several temples that provide room and board for foreign visitors, and they … Read more

Yunlin County

Located at the central-south part along the western coast of Taiwan, Yunlin County stands at the north tip of Chianan plain, bordering Nantou County in the east, Changhua County in north with Choshiu River as watershed, Chiayi County in the south with Peikang River as watershed. The County has a total land area of 1,290.8351 … Read more

Changhwa (Changhua)

ChangHwa is known as “the granary of Taiwan”. Surrounded by mountains to the north, south and east, the city faces the Taiwan Straits to the west. The area enjoys a mild climate with adequate rain to make it an excellent agricultural base. ChangHwa’s flower and shrub industry is particularly well-developed. During the Ching dynasty (1644-1911) … Read more