Chiayi’s attractions are mostly of cultural and historical interest. Foremost among these is Lantan , which used to be called “foreigner’s stockade”. This lake roughly covers an area of one by two kilometers and is shaped like a gourd.The lake was developed by the Dutch in the 1620s as a place to practice naval maneuvers, … Read more


The small city of HuaLien boasts one of the island’s five international seaports, and is the favoured starting point for tours of nearby Taroko Gorge, which lies at the eastern end of the Central Cross-Island Highway that links HuaLien with Taichugn. HuaLien is popular for performances of song and dance by some of Taiwan’s indigenous … Read more


The sleepy city of Taitung is not a common tourist destination, but it is a convenient starting point for excursions to nearby scenic attractions. Taitung was one of the island’s earliest human settlements. The indigenous tribes which orginally lived here vanished long ago, but the county still boasts more tribal people than the combined aboriginal … Read more

Pingtung County

Pingtung County is the southernmost county in Taiwan. The shape of the county is slender. The county is backed by mountains and facing the water. To the east it is the Pacific Ocean and to the west it is Taiwan Strait. To the South it is Bashi Channel. The county is surrounded by sea in … Read more

Penghu County

Like pearls scattering in the East Sea, the Penghu archipelago is located in the southwest of the Taiwan Strait. The location is between Chiai county and Kinmen county, facing Taiwan on the east, and Fuchien Province on the west, linking Matsu archipelago, Tachen island and Choushan archipelago on the north, and Tungsha islands and Nansha … Read more


Kinmen, also known as Quemoy, is a small island with a very big reputation. Situated just off the coast of Mainland China, it was the site of fierce fighting between Communist and Nationalist forces when the latter withdrew from the mainland in 1949. In that fighting the Nationalists emerged victorious, forging stories of loyalty and … Read more

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

This village still keeps the aborigine’s tradtion. In this village, there is an amusement park where is full of cherry blossoms. Also, facilities of amusement are including a beautiful European garden, mysterious and excited discovery of Maya culture, high UFO free fall, suspenseful roller coaster, and wonderful Aladdin plaza in this amusement aprk. It is … Read more


Nantou County lies at the geographical heart of Taiwan and is the only county that does not border the coast. Nantou covers an area of 410 square kilometers of mainly mountainous country. The county’s abundant natural beauty makes it an excellent place for sightseeing. The area is blessed with a number of interesting towns, forested … Read more

Hsitou (River Head)

The Shitou Forest Recreation Area, which occupies an area of 2500 hectares, is situated at an elevation of 1150 meters on FengHuang Mountain in LuGu Township. The region is an experimental forestry area belonging to National Taiwan University. The area is covered in fir trees, bamboo, and Formosan cedars. The area is great for bird … Read more


Kaohsiung, a harbor city located in South Taiwan, is a prime example of the “Taiwan Economic Miracle”. The nearby Kaohsiung Harbor adds warmth and a cozy ambience to the hustle and bustle of the city’s commercial district. Visitors can readily enjoy a seaside stroll or picnic on Xizi Bay Beach, enjoy a sumptuous seafood meal … Read more