Changhwa (Changhua)

ChangHwa is known as “the granary of Taiwan”. Surrounded by mountains to the north, south and east, the city faces the Taiwan Straits to the west. The area enjoys a mild climate with adequate rain to make it an excellent agricultural base. ChangHwa’s flower and shrub industry is particularly well-developed. During the Ching dynasty (1644-1911) immigrants from Fukien province first settled around ChangHwa.

  • Attractions:
    • ChangHwa’s Big Buddha
    • Confucius Temple
    • Yu-san Hall and Hungmao Well
    • Bird Watching at Dadu River
    • lugan (town)
    • Taiwan Folk Village
    • Tianwei YungJing Roadside Flower Farms
  • Specality:
    • Changhwa Meat Dumplings
    • Little Moon Cake
  • Transportation:
    • Changhwa Railway Station
    • Changhwa bus
    • Taiwan Bus Company, Taichung Station