The old mining town of Chiufen is a place where you can really experience Taiwanese historical legacy.

It was the site of one of Asia’s largest gold rushes. In the town’s heyday, it was honoured with such titles as the “gold capital of Asia.” and “Little Shanghai.” A lot has changed since those high times. After the gold mines became exhausted, the town was forgotten by the rest of the world for decades. As a result, much of the town’s classic architectural beauty remains.

Perched on a low mountaintop overlooking bays and hills below, Chiufen’s scenery is stunningly beautiful.

  • Must Dos:
    • walk through the narrow Alleyways.
    • tea tasting in one of the town’s dozens of tea houses while enjoying a panoramic view of the sea.
  • Other Attractinos:
    • Chiufen’s Gold Mining Museum
    • Taiyan Mining Office.