Confucius Temple, TAIPEI

Taipei Confucius Temple is a lovely serene place to relax or chate with friends. the building and walkways around the main temple are excellent examples of traditional Chinese architecture.

It has a sharp contrast to traditional Buddhist and Taoist temples. Confucius valued simplicity, and simplicity is the dominant characteristic of his temple. There are no statues, lanterns or other colourful decorations, no tables for food offerings, and no incense burners.

  • Main deities: Confucius
  • Major Event: Brithday of Confucius
  • Year erected:
    • initially erected in 1854
    • 1895: destroyed during the Japanese invasion of Taiwan
    • 1925: temple rebuilt on the same site.
  • Location: 275 Talung Street, Taipei
  • How to get there:
    • Bus: 0 North, 2, 24, 41, 201, 246, 250, 288.
  • Nearby Attractions:
    • Paoan Temple