Green Island

A jade coloured isle in the Blue Pacific, Green Island, or Liudau, as it’s locally known, is a 16.2 sq. km piece of jade-green land that rises from the Pacific Ocean just 33 kilometres east of Taitung. It is home to 3,300 islanders.
Composed of volcanic rock and having a heavily eroded coastline, Green Island possesses a fascinating variety of land and seascapes including odd rock formations, rugged cliffs, a white-sand beach, verdant pastures, dazzling coral reefs and a unique seawater hot spring. As well it has a quaint and easygoing lifestyle seemingly left over from the distant past. These resources are rapidly making Green Island the oceanic playground of Taiwan’s East Coast. An 18 km round-the-island road gives access to all the major tourist sites and makes it easy for visitors to tour Green Island by foot, bicycle, motor scooter or automobile.

  • Food and Lodging Information:
    Green Island Restaurant (traditional Green Island cuisine), near Nanliau Fishing Harbour: 9089) 672-652
    Dungsheng Goat Meat Restaurant, near Jaur Hot Spring: (089) 672-067
  • Lodging:
    1. East Coast: Most hotels are within Hualien and Taitung cities.
    2. Green Island: Sung Rung Hotel: (089) 672-515
    3. Green Island Hotel: (089) 672-244
    4. Orchid Island: Orchid Island Villa Hotel: (089) 731-611
    5. Orchid Island Hotel: (089) 732-032
  • How to get there:
    1. Join in Tour (Booking From Travel Agency)
    2. Airlines: Ticket price: Taitung-Green Island, NT$602; Taitung-Orchid Island, NT$1,154.
      Contact: Uni Air: Taitung, (089) 327-563; Green Island, (089) 672-526 Orchid Island, (089) 362-626
  • Getting Around:
    1. Motor scooter and bicycle rental on Green Island
    2. Motor scooters: NT$500/day
    3. Bicycles: NT$150/day
  • In addition to independent explorations there are tours that can be booked through local travel agencies.