HoHuanShan (Mountain of Harmonious Joy)

HoHuanShan, Despite its altitude of more than 3,000 meters, has a road that goes right across it, making access very convenient. It is the best place to see snow in the tropics, ad escape from the summer heat. In January or February low-cost skiing trips can be arranged, but the area is probably better suited to hiking and mountain climbing all year-round.

In as little as one day, you can travel the highest road in East Asia, and take the many hiking paths that lead off the main road. These are usually short and always safe. All the main wildlife groups in Taiwan can be found in the HoHuanShan area, including bears, monkeys, and deer among the larger mammals, and the elusive Swinhoe’s and Mikado pheasants among the birds.

  • Location: About 30km east of Lishan is TaYuLing
  • getting there:
    • Buses to DaYuling depart from Taichung, operated by the FengYuan Bus Company. Travel time is 4 hours 30 minutes from TaiChung. The timetable changes frequently. For more information, contact the FengYuan Bus company, Tel: (04) 222 3454
    • The Nantou Bus Company, Tel: (049) 984-031, operates buses from Puli to TsueiFeng. From TsueiFeng to HohuanShan is a distance of 16 kilometers.
  • Other Attractions:
    • Chilai Ridge
    • Mt. Fushou (FuShouShan)
    • WuLing Farm
    • WuShe (town)
    • Lushan Hot Springs
    • Shei-pa National Park
  • More Informations:
    • Shei-pa National Park Headquarters, tel: (04) 588 8674
    • WuLing Visitors Center (04) 590 1350
    • JuDung Visiotrs Center (035) 952 883
    • Tourism Office of the NanTou County Government (049) 232 380
    • Nantou County Scenic Area Administration (049) 855 132