Hsiahai City God Temple (Chenghuang Temple)

This temple is not particularly large, but it is usually packed with worshippers; it has never been expanded, and has retained its original appearance for more than 100 years. Inside, numerous images of deities are arrayed on steps.

In 1853 a fierce brawl erupted among immigrants from different areas of Fukien province in mainland China, and the immigrants from Tungan county were defeated. Snatching the gilded image of the Hsiahai City God from the flames of battle, they fled to Tataocheng; there, in 1959, they built the hsiahai City God Temple, which has since become the center of worship in this district.

  • Main deities: City God is a local deity who presides over and protects the people in his particular area.
  • Year Erected: 1959
  • Location: 61 Tihua Street, Section 1,Taipei
  • Telephone: +886 2 2558 034
  • Nearby Attractions:
    • Tihua Street