The small city of HuaLien boasts one of the island’s five international seaports, and is the favoured starting point for tours of nearby Taroko Gorge, which lies at the eastern end of the Central Cross-Island Highway that links HuaLien with Taichugn.

HuaLien is popular for performances of song and dance by some of Taiwan’s indigenous tribes. Nearly 80,000 aborigines reside in the area, most from the Ami tribe.

  • Major Attractions:
    • a starting point for tours to Tarko.
    • Ami harvest festival (late Aug/ early sept, tribal officials meet in mid-July each year to set the date).
  • Local Specaility:
    • Marble hadicraft products
  • How to get there:
    • From Taipei, Hualien can be reached by air, rail, and highway.
    • about 30 minute by air from Taipei.
    • Bus: travelers have the option of the scenic northeast coastal route via Suao to hualien (five to six hours), or via Taichung and the Central Cross-Island Highway (eight hours minimum).