Kaohsiung, a harbor city located in South Taiwan, is a prime example of the “Taiwan Economic Miracle”. The nearby Kaohsiung Harbor adds warmth and a cozy ambience to the hustle and bustle of the city’s commercial district. Visitors can readily enjoy a seaside stroll or picnic on Xizi Bay Beach, enjoy a sumptuous seafood meal on the Qijin Peninsula and hike on Shoushan and Chaishan. Aside from the different department stores and theme streets Kaohsiung visitors should not miss a trip to the busy Liuhe Night Market.

Kaohsiung County is situated at the southwestern part of Taiwan. By its northeastern side there stand the Central Mountain Range. Yushan Mountain Range and Alishan Mountain Range. By its northern side there is Chianan Plain, and western side Taiwan Strait. By its southeastern side the Kaoping Stream and Pingtung County are the boundary. The topography extends from the northeast to the southwest. The mountains at the eastern part are at the height of more than 3,000 meters, and they decline to the west to form hills. There appears the topography of plain when the hills extend to below 100 meters. The most western end is the coastling topography of the sea. Because of the topographical and geological changes, there create various kinds of beautiful landforms and landscapes. And as Kaohsiung County is situated at the sub-tropical climatic area, the complicated systems of zoological and botanic ecologies are created. Different natural ecologies also form different tribal cultures.

A cosmopolitan lifestyle and commercial bustle characterize Kaohsiung. Taiwan’s second largest city and the island’s economic showcase, Kaohsiung is home to Taiwan’s largest international seaport and is the only city besides Taipei with an international airport. The harbour is a major international container port, dry dock, and shipping center. The contrast with pastoral Tainan is sharp. Wide streets are fronted by modern street-and-glass towers.

Cultural Tour:
Lotus Lake Scenic Area Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts XiZi Bay Scenic Area QiJin Peninsula
Getting there: As Lotus Lake is a good distance away from the city proper your best bet is to take a cab. You can take a ferry from Xizi Bay to Qijin.

Having Fun in the city:
New KuJiang Commercial Area Love River LiuHe Market
Getting there: Walking is recommended for going around the New Kujiang commercial area and Love River. From Love River take a cab to get to Liuhe Night Market.

Getting Away:
National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium Kenting National Park Kenting Main Street

Getting there: It’s recommend that you drive. Take the Sun Yat-sen Freeway to its southern terminus, then proceed to Xiaogang and Provincial Highway No. 17 and follow the road signs southward along the coast to Kenting. Or take the train up to Kaohsiung and then switch to a Zhongnan Passenger Bus, Pingtung Passenger Bus or Kaohsiung Passenger Bus to Kenting.

  • Attractions:
    1. Shoushan (Longevity Mountain)
    2. The Dragon and Tiger pagodas
    3. Chengching Lake
    4. Tungkang
  • How to get there:
    • Train: from Taipei train station
  • Where to eat:
    • Liuho Night Market