Nantou County lies at the geographical heart of Taiwan and is the only county that does not border the coast. Nantou covers an area of 410 square kilometers of mainly mountainous country. The county’s abundant natural beauty makes it an excellent place for sightseeing. The area is blessed with a number of interesting towns, forested mountains, and clear streams at Shitou, Shanlinshi, Sun Moon Lake, and the Formosan Aboriginal Culture village.

  • Attractions:
    • Puli (town)
    • The towns of Shueili and Jiji
    • Shitou and Shanlinshi
    • Sun Moon Lake and the Formosan Aboriginal Culture village
  • Specialities:
    • Rice Noodles, Black Tea
  • Transportation:
    • Shueili Railway Station
    • Changhua Bus Company, JungShing Station – TEL: 04- 722 5115
    • Taiwan Bus Company (Shueili Station, Nantou Station, JungShing Station, PuLi stataion)
  • Website:


A small town at the geographical heart of Taiwan. The town is famous for its “4 Ws” – Weather, Water, Women, and Wine. Puli is suited to tourism for three reasons: its specialties, its scenic spots, and its arts. The are is famous for its fruit and flower industries, which produce an abundance of agricultural products and specialities, including an aquatic vegetable known as “water bamboo”.

  • Location: Nantou county
  • Speciality
    • hard liquor: glutinous rice liquor / Shaohsing liquors
  • Other Attractions:
    • Chenghuang Temple
    • Confucius Temple
    • Taiwan Geographical Centre Monument: (recommended)1km north-east of Puli. Follow the highway heading towards Wushe.