Orchid Island (Lanyu)

Just south of Green Island lies a unique, tropical islet called Orchid Island (Lanyu), named for the flowers that grow wild in lush tropical rain forests on the island’s steep hills.

  • Total Length: 170km
  • Habitant: Tribe of Yami
  • Local Feature:
    • canoe: built by hand using simple tools and held together by wooden pegs.
  • How to get there:
    • Orchid Island is 76km southeast of Taitung.
    • Daily round-trip flights connect Orchid Island with Taitung and Kaohsiung. The flight take about 25minute.
    • Three ferries make the trip from Taitung, on infrequent schedules.
      1. New Lanyu: tel -(089) 328 015
      2. Changan: tel- (089) 325 338
      3. Shanchiutai: tel- (02) 2731 4753
  • Major Attractions:
    • semi-underground stone house
  • Getting Around:
    • two-hour bus tour covers the tourist area.
    • sedans and motorcycles can be rented.
    • A walk tour of the island takes about a day.
  • Accommodation:
    • Two hotels offer basic rooms and services.
  • Suggested travel season: April ~ June