Penghu National Scenic Area

The islands have every modern convenience, but their people cling to a simpler way of life far removed from the fast pace of Taiwan’s modern cities. An island resort with hospitable people, small villages, delicious, inexpensive seafood, beautiful scenery, clean beaches, and fascinating tidal pools – the penghu Archipelago is all this and more.

The main islands of Makung, Paisha, and Hsiyu are connected by a long caseway, and visitors can use public buses, guided tours, or chartered taxis for a four-hour tour of the main spots. Boats, including glass-bottom craft, can be hired for trips tot he other small islands, and several daily round-trip flights connect Makung and Chimei.

  • How to get there:
    • Air: Uni Air / Formosa Airlines / TransAsia Airways / Far Eastern Air Transport
    • Sea: Tai Hua Shipping- Ferry service between KaoHsiung and MaGung (KaoHsiung: (07) 561 3866 / 551 5823 / 561 5313) (MaGung: (06) 926 4087)
  • Inter-Island Transporation:
    • Transportation to the outlying islands of the archipelago is provided by scheduled ferries and private pleasure boats. The coast per person is approximately NT$700 for tours of the South Sea area, NT$950 for tours of the North Sea area, and NT$750 for tours of the East Sea area. For further information, please call the Penghu County Bus and Ferry Office at (06) 927 0334.
  • Tourist Information:
    • Penghu National Scenic Area Administration: (06) 921 6521 ext. 251