Pingtung County

Pingtung County is the southernmost county in Taiwan. The shape of the county is slender. The county is backed by mountains and facing the water. To the east it is the Pacific Ocean and to the west it is Taiwan Strait. To the South it is Bashi Channel. The county is surrounded by sea in three directions and is located in tropical zone. The weather is warm all year round and the scenery is beautiful. There are coconut trees and the place is filled with the flavor of Southeast Asia. No wonder it is called ?the Southeast Asia of Taiwan?. The county has many famous tourist attractions. There is this first National Park, Kenting National Park, in Pingtung. There are also sightseeing park on sea, highways along the mountains and the national scenery park in Dapon Bay. There is also the best location for flying activities. These are attractions with their own uniqueness. The seaside in Pingtung is a good place for recreation and swimming. One can go scuba diving enjoying the beautiful coral and picking up shells on the beach. There is this special shell sand beach. One can also go to Erlunbi, which is at the southern tip of Taiwan. Visitors can look to the left for the Pacific Ocean and look to the right for Taiwan Strait. What a unique experience! In addition, it is the interim resting-place of migrating birds each year. Strikes come here for the winter and Kuo Ching Birds and gray-face falcons come here every October. Thus, it is a good place for wild bird watching. Would you like to see the wonderful starlight? Because there is no pollution, the sky is clear at night and it is a good place for watching the stars and the moon.