SanShia, about 22km southwest of Taipei and a short hop from YingGe, is a bustling old town with narrow, winding streets and brick buildings that are nearly a century old.

  • Main Attractions:
    1. Tsushih (Divine Progenitor) Temple.
  • Must Dos:
    1. walk through the narrow Alleyways.
    2. tea tasting in one of the town’s dozens of tea houses while enjoying a panoramic view of the sea.
    • How to get there:
      1. By Train: Take a train to Yingge and transfer to a bus for Sanshia
      2. By Taipei Bus Co. or TaoYuan Bus Co.: Catch the bus from the stop on Gueiyang Street, Taipei near the downtown campus of Soochow University. The buses depart frequently and pass through BanChiau and TuCheng; the trip takes about an hour.
      3. By Car: From the 2nd Northern Freeway (Freeway 3), exit at the Sanying interchange and follow the signs to Sanshia.

From the Sun Yat-sen Freeway ( Freeway 1), exit at the Chiang Kai-shek International Airport interchange, take the new link expressway tot he Yingge interchange of the Second Northern Freeway, turn north, exit at the SanYing interchange, and follow the signs to Sanshia.