ShrMen Reservoir

ShrMen Reservoir, the first large multipurpose reservoir ever built in Taiwan, was formed by the damming of the Dahan River. The first thing you see on entering the reservoir area is the Asia Amusement Park; as you follow the road you soon come to the dam, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the whole reservoir and its surrounding green hills. Boats are available to take you on sightseeing cruises around the lake or to Amuping for camping or barbecuing. A number of other commercial amusement areas are located along the shores of the lake. Gourmets enjoy dining on fish fresh from lake, which is another of the specialties of the Shrmen area.

  • How to get there:
    1. By bus: Take a Taipei Bus Company or a TaoYuan Bus Company bus to Dashi; from there take a Taoyuan Bus Company bus on the PingLin line, and get off at Shrmen Reservoir.