Sun Moon Lake

The beauty and peace of Sun Moon Lake’s emerald waters amid jade mountains have made this scenic place Taiwan’s most popular honeymoon resort. Attractions include a panoramic view of the lake from the massive Wen Wu Temple (dedicated to both Confucius and the God of War), the butterfly museum, a small aborigine village, other temples, boat cruises, hiking trails, a golf course and spectacular views from the Tzu En (Filial Devotion) Pagoda.

Geography of Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area
The altitude of this area ranges from 600 to 2000 metres while the east of the scenic area is higher than the west. It is situated – from the north to the south – in the Yuch Basin, the Sun Moon Lake Basin and the Tousho Basin. Between the basins there are high mountains, hillocks, lakes and dams. Mt. Shuisho, Mt. Puchi, Mt. Maolan, Mt. Houchien in the Yuchhsiang, Mt. Chopinglun, Mt. Chichi all the rise to a height of over 1000 metres. The area has the Shiku Stream, Talin Stream, Shuishoshuiui Stream, Tientzkeng Stream and Shwili Stream. Also in the area is the Sun Moon Dam, the Tousho Dam, the Minghu Dam and the Mingtan Dam.

Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village:
This popular place for visitors from Taiwan and overseas was established to preserve the culture, traditions and history of the island’s nearly 402,000 native aboriginal people. Groups from each of Taiwan’s nine tribes wearing authentic clothing and adornments gather regularly in the village to perform traditional songs and dances to the sounds of ancient musical instruments. The tribes also demonstrate their unique creative skills by using traditional tools to make exquisite handicrafts and items of daily necessity. Website:

  • How to get there?
    • Join in Tour Package (Booking from Travel Agency)
    • By bus:
      1. Go to Taichung by train/ bus then take a Taiwan Motor Transport Co. bus or Lien 999 to Puli. From Puli take Nantou/ Funglon bus to Sun Moon Lake.
      1. You can also take Kuokuang bus from Taipei direct to Sun Moon Lake. The bus only operates one trip a day, however.