Taichung County is located at the central part of Taiwan, with the Central Mountains in the east and adjacent to Hualien County. Taichung County is faced with Taiwan Strait in the west, Changhua County and Nantou County in the south, Miaoli County in the north. It covers 2,051.4712 square kilometers, divided into twenty-one towns and villages. As to the contour, the County con-sists of on -coast plains in the west, highlands in the west, Taichung Basin & Hills, and mountainous areas. Main rivers from the north to the south are as follows: Da-an river, Dajia river,and Ue river. The second largest streams are Da-Li stream, Han stream, Tow-ben-kun creek, Bu-tsi-Kun creek, Tsa-hu stream, Gan stream,Fa-tsi stream, etc. The County has a mild climate, with the yearly average temperature of 22.8 degrees Celsius. It also has abundant rainfall, with 2,000 millimeters in mountainous areas and 1,000 to 2,000 millimeters on ground level. Its four seasons feel like spring, extremely good for farming.

Taichung is the thrid-largest metropolitan area on Taiwan. It enjoys a yearly average temperature of 22.4 degres and a mild spring-like climate all year round. Taichung city is known as an educational and cultural center. Its commercial district, abundant cultural activities, and the warmth of its residents make Taichung an attractive city. The history of Taichung’s development spans over 300 years.

Known as a “city of culture”, Taichung has a history spanning more than 300 years. Located between northern and southern Taiwan, it is Taiwan’s third largest city. The city’s bustling commercial areas and department stores together with its many parks and theme streets give Taichung’s busy business atmosphere a certain leisurely pace.

Artistic Sightseeing Tour:National Museum of Fine Arts JingMing 1st Street National Museum of Natural Science International Art Street.

Getting there: From the Museum of Fine Arts you can walk to Jingming 1st St. and the Natural Science Museum. Then take a cab to the International Art Street.

Historical tour: Taichung Railway Station No.20 Warehosue Confucius Temple Lecheng Temple

Getting There: As all of these places are within the vicinity of the Taichung Railway Station the best way to get to them is to walk.

  • Attractions:
    • BauJieu Temple
    • Confucius Temple
    • DaKeng Forest Recreational Area
    • Guinness World of Records
    • JingMing 1st street
    • Martyrs Shrines
    • National Museum of Natural Science
    • Taichung Folk Park
    • Taiwan Museum of Art
    • Taiwan Studio City
    • TungHai University
    • TungShih Rorest Recreational Area
  • Specialities, Snack:
      Yishin Dried Beancurd, Sun Cake, Lemon Cakes, Pineapple Cakes, Meat Dumplings
  • Night Market:
    1. JungHua Road Night Market
    2. JungShiau Road Night Market
  • Transportation:
    1. Taichung Airport
    2. Taichung Railway Station
    3. Taiwan Bus Company, Taichung Station (04- 222 2926)


  • National Park
    • Shei-Pa National Park
  • National Scenic Area
    • Tri-Mountain National Scenic Area
  • Forest Pleasure Ground
    • Tongshih Forest Recreation Area
  • Amusement Park
    • Yamay Resort
  • Farm/Scenery
    • Wuling Rest Area , Wuling Veteran’s Farm
  • General
    • Bird Watching at Dadu River , Gaomei wetlands , Gukuan , Lishan , Mt. Fushou , Taichung Metropolitan Park , The Lishan Scienic Area , Tieh Chan Shan , Tongshih Forest Recreation Area
  • Heritage/Temple
    • Dajia as Jenlan Temple , Huangsi Temple
  • Farms
    • Fushoushan Veteran’s Farm
  • Beaches/Islands
    • Daan Seaside Resort