Tainan County is situated at the center of the largest plain-Chianan Plain-in southwest Taiwan. Located at the foot of a hill and beside the sea, Tainan County rises high in the east and becomes flat in the west. It is sited in the front area of the Central Range to the east and borders the Taiwan Strait to the west. There are a great number of temples in Tainan County. Most of the people in Tainan worship Wang Yeh, which historically refers to the brothers of the emperor and in present-day religion to a Taoist deity. This is why Tainan has more Wang Yeh Temples than any other type of temple. Famous scenic spots in Tainan include temples, seashores, lakes, and mountains. Tainan County has more reservoirs than any other county in Taiwan, These include Tsengwen, Paihe, Chienshanpei, Teyuanpei, Wushantou, Luliao, Hutoupei, Mirror, and Nanhua reservoirs. In addition to supplying water, these reservoirs are also famous scenic areas.

    • Attractions:
      1. ChihKan Towers
      2. Great Queen of Heaven Temple
      3. Official God of War Temple
      4. Altar of Heaven
      5. Confucius Temple
      6. Koxinga Shrine
      7. Lady LinShui Temple
      8. TungYu Temple
      9. Prefectural City God Temple
      10. KaiLung Temple
      11. Old Fort of AnPing
      12. Anping Local Culture Hall.
    • How to get there:
      • Train: Most trains on the West Coast Line stop at Tainan. Ticket prices for Taipei-Tainan are approximately NT$476~ $741; for KaoHsiung-Tainan the prices are about NT$69~$107
      • Air: TransAsia Airways, Far Eastern Air Transport Corp., and Uni Air operate daily direct flights from Taipei, and Uni Air operates daily from Kinmen, and from Makung. The ticket prices are about NT $1,730~3,042
      • Highway Bus: Taiwan Motor Transport Co.’s Kuang-Hua buses and United Highway Bus Co. buses depart Taipei and KaoHsiung for Tainan each 30~60minutes. The cost is about NT$350~$500 from Taipei and NT$95 from KaoHsiung.

Website: https://www.tainan.gov.tw