The sleepy city of Taitung is not a common tourist destination, but it is a convenient starting point for excursions to nearby scenic attractions.

Taitung was one of the island’s earliest human settlements. The indigenous tribes which orginally lived here vanished long ago, but the county still boasts more tribal people than the combined aboriginal population of all of Taiwan’s other counties.

  • Location: Eastern Taiwan
  • Nearby Attractinos:
    • East Coast National Scenic Area
    • eastern end of the Southern Cross-Island Highway
    • Green Island
    • Orchid Island
    • Chihpen Hot Springs
  • Local Speciality:
    • one of Taiwan’s main rice-growing area.
  • Accommodation:
    • Taitung has adequate accommodations
  • How to get there:
    • Taitung has major junction for rail, air, and highway travel.
    • By Train: directly from Taipie (takes six hrs).
    • By ari: about 40 minute from Taipei
    • By Bus: no direct service, but traveler could get there from Hualien or Kaohsiung.