Taiwan is a true food lover’s paradise. Exquisite Chinese cuisines and a wide variety of international foods delight hungry visitors.

Restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets and snack stalls selling local specialties are conveniently located in larger cities. International food courts are found in all major department stores.

Taipei offers the finest Chinese cuisine in the world. There are reasonably priced restaurants on almost every street where tourists can have excellent meals. For true gourmets major hotels have superior Chinese restaurants. As well, there are sophisticated independent restaurants that serve regional Chinese cuisines where visitors dine in style.

Budget travellers haven’t been forgotten. There are numerous fast food outlets, countless snack centres – generally located in the basements of department stores – and stalls at night markets where inexpensive meals are available in a lively environment.

As a major tourist destination and an international business centre, Taipei also has restaurants offering European and American cuisines as well as non Chinese Asian fare like Indian, Indonesian, Korean and Japanese.


1. Taipei 101 Tallest building in the world. Height 508 meters. Construction completed October 17, 2003. Observation deck on 89th floor.

2. National Palace Museum One of the four greatest museums in the world. Founded 1925. Collection of more than 650,000 artifacts. Recently renovated.

3. Sun Moon Lake Scenic lake in central Taiwan . Cultural and scenic attractions include Wunwu Temple and Cihen Pagoda. Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village nearby.

4. Aihe (Love River) Scenery River in the heart of Kaohsiung city. Beautiful promenade lined with open-air cafes. Especially attractive in the evening.

5. Alishan Alpine forest railway, scenic sunrises, refreshing forest air, “sea of clouds,” spring cherry blossoms, and much more. Great place to hike, explore flora and fauna.

6. Kenting National Park Fine sand beaches and coral reefs. Tropical climate. Top beach-resort hotels. Ideal spot for fun in the sun and water.

7. Taroko Gorge Marble gorge with 1,000-meter-high cliffs. Countless scenic hiking trails. Fascinating highway-construction story. Aboriginal settlements. Natural hot springs.

8. Yushan Highest mountain in Northeast Asia. “Must-climb” for mountaineers. Stunning views of ” Taiwan ‘s roof.” Rich eco-habitats.


1. Taiwan Lantern Festival Official lantern festival staged in Tainan this year. Large theme lantern in shape of dog. High-tech laser show. Exhibition of lanterns, all shapes and sizes.

2. Taipei Lantern Festival Lantern festival organized by Taipei City Government on grounds of CKS Memorial Hall. Lantern exhibitions and a rich program of cultural activities.

3. Heavenly Lanterns of Pingsi Releasing of large, balloon-shaped lanterns into night sky. Thousands slowly rise into air, creating beautiful, peaceful scene.

4. Kaohsiung Lantern Festival Flags and Drums Carnival Lantern festival organized by Kaohsiung City Government at Love River. Light of lanterns colorfully illuminates river. Flag and drum performances.

5. Yanshuei Beehive Rocket Festival Firing of hundreds of thousands of small rockets as part of traditional ceremony to rid Yanshuei town of evil spirits and demons.

6. Taitung Bombing of the Deity Han Dan Parading of volunteers dressed as deity Han Dan, to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune.