Taoyuan County

The narrow-shaped Taoyuan County is a plateau lies in the northwestern part of Taiwan Main Island, with Taipei and Ilan counties adjacent to it. ” Zhibali” was the first name ever placed onto this area, while afterward it was replaced by” Taoyuan”(Peach Garden) for the peach trees in full blossom used to be a major attraction there. However, peach blossom has been somehow a rare scene nowadays.
The charming point Taoyuan County was proud of next to peach blossom would be Shimen Reservoir, which was then the largest of its kind in Fareast. Almost none of the visitors to Taoyuan had excluded their tours of pilgrimages to the grand reservoir. Meanwhile, the most important site in Taoyuan is doubtlessly the CKS National Airport—the gate of Taiwan—with passengers amount to tens of million person-times annually. Taoyuan County, in this way, has been honored as ” The City of Country Gate”. Having the lovely scenery as background, well-known attractions in Taoyuan County includes Dasi (Tashi) historic streets, the mausoleum of Chiang Kai-shek at Cihu (Tsihu), the collection of miniature structures “Window on China”(Xiaorenguo), Jiaoban Mountain (Jiaobanshan), as well as the sacred woods at Daguan Mountain (Daguanshan), and Fushing Township. As to the specialties, the soft peanut drops of Lung tan and dried tofu of Dasi (Tashi) are something else you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Taoyuan.

  • Forest Pleasure Ground
    • Daguan Mountain Nature Reservatory
  • Amusement Park
    • Taiwan’s Window on China
  • General
    • Chiang Kai-shek International Airport, Chung Cheng Aviation Museum, Cihu, Fusing, Little Wulai Forest Recreational Park, Shihmen Reservoir, Taiwan’s Window on China
  • Farms
    • Wei Chuan Pusin Pastures