Touring Taiwan

Mountainous array, Soaring forests, Natural setting, Cultural essence, all this has formed the beauty of Taiwan in its primitive way.

Taiwan is known for its towering mountains, and is reputable as a “Mountainous Island”. The island is spotted with numerous mountains over 3,000 meters. It is also home to Northeast Asia’s highest mountain, Jade Mountain, which is nearly 4,000 meter in height. Besides mountains, beautiful coastal scenes are also part of Taiwan’s great natural asset.

National Palace Museum

one of the four largest museum in the world, where treasures from the acncient imperial collection of China’s 5000 years history are on display.

Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

a majestic marble monument surrounded by gardens and ponds.
Adjoining the Memorial are the National Theater and the Concert Hall in the heart of Taipei City.

Martyrs Shrine

classical Ming dynasty architecture and an interesting change of guard.

Yangmingshan National Park

mountainous Park with waterfalls, volcanic craters, Hot Springs, and flowers.

Longshan Temple

one can examine the intricately carved stone dragon pillars, roof and eaves, and watch the devout worship of a variety of ancient gods.


sea sculpture of rock formation whispering out an enchanting folk tale.

Sun Moon Lake

honeymoon resort, serene and romantic beauty with nearby the temples and the Taiwan nine indigenous tribe village.


Tropical beaches and national park.

National Scenic area

There are 12 national scenic area that focus equally on development and preservation of the island’s vast diversity of nature’s richness: the Northeast Coast, East Coast, East Rift Valley, Tapeng Bay, Maolin, Alshan, Sun Moon Lake, Tri-Mountain, Penghu, Mazu, Southwest Coast, and North Coast and Guanyinshan.

Taroko Gorge

natural wonder of marble ravine.

Taipei 101 mall

Taiwan’s first world-class shopping mall presents you with designer brands, lastest fashion, and gourmet dishes.