Yehliu Geopark

Yeliou is the most remarkable of all Taiwan’s northern scenic areas. A promontory that stretches 1,700 meters into the sea forms the park. This contains a bewildering variety of rock formations. Erosion has revealed different types of rock that have been embedded in strata and have been shaped by wind and waves. From the end of the promontory is a truly spectacular view of Taiwan’s northern coast. There are plenty of oddly shaped rocks, fossil remains and veins of coloured minerals to satisfy even the most fastidious tourist.

The natural rock formations at Yeliou display an amazing array of artistic shapes created by erosion and other natural forces: large “eggs” scattered at random, a “slipper” which fishermen employ as a platform and a rock that some say resembles the profile of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. The broad, gently rolling coast is littered with oddly shaped lava and sandstone and a stone bridge leads past a tidal pool to a narrow promontory with great views of the coastline.

On the walk to the famous rocks visitors pass a few restaurants, the trained dolphins and seals of Ocean World and snack and souvenir vendors. Yeliou is on Taiwan’s North coast west of Keelung, about an hour’s drive from Taipei.

The single man-made monument on the promontory is a statue of a brave young man who lost his life trying to save a person who fell from the cliff at Yeliou. It also serves as a warning for others to stay away from the cliff edge.

How to get there:

  • Public Transport:
    Public transport provides access to many of the points listed above.

    1. Mass Rapid Transit: Services run between Taipei and Danshuei at 3 to 10 minute intervals. More information can be obtained from the MRT authority at (02) 2536-3001. Tickets can be bought at all MRT stations.
    2. There is an extensive network of bus services operating throughout Taipei County. Different bus companies operate buses for different locations. They operate at relatively frequent intervals but bus stops are not always clearly marked. Tickets can be purchased from the driver.
    3. Tandem bicycles can be rented from shops near the MRT Tamshui Station on Jungjeng Rd. Tandem bicycle rental costs about NT $150 for two hours.