Yingge (Pottery Center)

The earliest development of pottery making in Yingge took place along Jianshanpu Road and a steady stream of pottery makers followed Wu An in setting up shop here. Gradually, Jianshanpu Road became the centre of pottery development in the town. The old Jianshanpu Road has disappeared but it was redeveloped and renamed “Old Pottery Street” in 2000 to conform to the Taipei County Government’s policies of “a new face for towns and townships” and “a special character for every town and township” as well as to bring out the special characteristic of Yingge as a “township founded on pottery.” This old/new street has become Yingge’s most unique tourist street.

Old Pottery Street is 75 meters long and 33 meters of it is a pedestrian mall. Vehicles are banned so visitors need to park their cars in the parking lot beside Park No. 3 and then walk up to the street. The kiln smokestack that towers over the entrance is a historical relic left from the days when pottery was fired by coal. On the overpass that spans the railroad are the words ” Old Pottery Street” formed of tiles. This adds a bit of artistic flair to the area. Under the overpass are four sculptures designed to resemble kiln smokestacks. In line with the integrated image plan all of the shop signs along Old Pottery Street have a unified design. A full 85% of the shops here are engaged in the ceramics trade selling everything from items for daily use to reproductions of ancient masterpieces, tea sets, modern pottery artworks and creative pieces. Everything you could want is here.

Nearly a hundred pottery shops neatly line the sides of the street offering an endless variety of handicrafts and artworks for perusal and purchase. There are also a few pottery workshops where visitors can personally enjoy a hands-on pottery making experience as they mould pieces in their own style to keep as souvenirs.

  • How to get there:
    From the Yingge Railway Station walk about 1.2 km along Wenhua Road to Old Pottery Street at Jianshanpu.
  • Open Hours:
    Weekend and Public Holidays: 9am-6pm
    Weekdays: 12pm-5pm